Scaling and Root Planning - Deep Cleaning

Some patients require the help of the dental professional to restore their unhealthy gums.  Scaling and root planning is a non-surgical treatment carried out to eliminate gum disease made by bacterial infections that cause bone and tooth loss.  Properly treated conditions eliminate the need for gum surgery. Scaling and root planning encourages tissue preservation and regeneration. An adjunct to this treatment is sub-gingival irrigation and Arrestin®, a local delivery medicament which assists your body in restoring healthy gum tissue.


Bacteria are the cause of gum disease and localized antibiotics kill bacteria. Scaling and root planing (SRP) removes a great deal of harmful agents that cause periodontal infection.  But this procedure can’t reach bacteria that hide in the bottom of pockets.  That’s why adding  a locally administered antibiotic such as ARESTIN® can help treat your gum disease.